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 1. Nice to meet you! (很高兴见到你)

 It’s very nice to meet you!(非常高兴见到你)

 Glad to meet you!

 2. What’s your name?(你叫什么名字)Could you tell me what your name is?(能告诉我你叫什么名子吗?
 答:I am XXX.My name is XXX. 
   How old are you? (你多大?)
 答:I am 27 years old.(我27岁)

 3. When were you born?(你什么时候出生?)
 答:I was born in nineteen seventy-three.(我1973年出生。)
   Where are you from? (你是那里人?) 
 答:I am from lianyungang.(我是连云港人)

 4. Are you married? (你结婚了吗?)

 答:Yes, I am.

 5. How many people are there in your family?(你家里有几口人?)

 答:There are three people in my family. My wife, son and I. (有三口人,我的妻子、儿子和我)

 6. How long have you ever worked on board? (你曾经在船上工作过多长时间)

 答:I have ever worked on board for ten years.(我曾经在船工作10年)

 7. Which company did you serve?(你在那家公司服务过?)Which company did you work for?

 答:I have served for Lianyungang shipping corp.(我在连云港船务公司服务过)

 8. Are those ships you worked all Chinese ones? (你工作过的那些船是不是都是中国船)?

 答:No, I worked on Chinese ships about 3 years, and 1 year on board under the Liberian flag.(不我在中国船上工作了三年,在利比里亚的船上工作了一年)

 9. What is the name of the Liberian ship and what’s her tonnage? (利比里亚船是哪一类船,吨位是多少?)

 答:She is a bulk carrier, her gross tonnage is over 30 thousand tonnage.(是一艘散货船,总吨3万多)

 10. Were the crew all Chinese? (船员都是中国人?)

 答:No, they weren’t, including me; there were only 4 Chinese in the deck department. We joined the ship at the same time. While the others came from different countries.(不,只有在甲板部有四位中国人,包括我在内。我们是同时上这艘船的,其余的人都是来自不同的国家。)

 11. Which country did the captain come from?(船长是哪个国家的人?)

 答:The captain came from Poland.

 12. Which certificate do you have now?(你有什么证书?)Which certificate do you hold now?(你持有什么证书?)

 答:I have AB certificate.

 13. What kinds of ship have you worked on? (你在什么类型的船上工作过?)

 答:I have worked on many ships. Like container ship, bulk ship.(我在很多船上工作过,如集装箱船、散货船)

 14. How many countries have you ever been to?(你去过那些国家?)

 答:I have been to many other countries. For example, Japan, Koran. (我去过很多国家,如日本、韩国)

 15. How many harbors have you ever been to?(你去过那些港口?)

 答:Many harbors. Shanghai,

 16. How many departments are there on board? (船上有几个部门?)

 答:Three departments: Deck Department, Engine Department, Service Department.(有三个部门,甲板部,轮机部,事务部)

 17. How many important canals are there all over the world? (世界上有多少重要的运河?)

 答:Two biggest canals: Panama canal, Suez canal.(两大运河,巴拿马,苏伊士)

 18. The sailing route of our company’s ships is very long. Aren’t you afraid of the hardships? (我们公司船舶的航行航线很长,你不怕苦吗?)

 答:No, I’m not afraid at all, since I am a seaman. I should not be afraid of any hardships and difficulties.(是的,我不怕,既然来当船员,就应不怕苦,不怕难。)

 19. Can you tell me what is the most important thing for a sailor?(你能告诉我对于一名水手来说,什么事情是最重要?)

 答:It’s safety, Safety first.Safety.Safety includes the safety for the ship, for oneself and for all the crew.(是安全。安全第一,安全为船舶,安全为全体船员。)

 20. You are willing to work in our company, aren’t you?(你愿意到我公司的船上工作吗?)

 答:I’m willing to be a sailor of you company. My experience and ability make me confident that I can be a qualified sailor in you company. If you do employ me, then I promise that I will definitely follow the company’s instructions and faithfully stitch to my post. I sincerely hope I can draw you attention, and I am ready to offer my efforts for the prosperity of you company.(我愿意应聘贵司的水手一职。我相信,我的能力天经验完全能胜任。如果你能聘我担任此职务,我向你承诺,绝对服从工作安排,恪尽职守。我希望,我能得到你的重视,愿为贵公司的兴旺发达出力。